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That's Life

This song is by Bleu and appears on the album Headroom (2000).

You've got a job
That you don't really like
I guess sometimes
It keeps you up at night
The coffee's bitter
At the corner store
You'd think you wouldn't
Notice anymore
But with the traffic
Everything is worse
Sometimes you think
It's all an evil curse
You go to work
And try to stay awake
And all for minimum wage

That's life
Suck it up
You only get one

You watch a clock
Until the day is done
Seems like you
Hardly ever see the sun
The coffee's bitter
In the conference room
But not as bitter as you
Just when you thought
It wouldn't ever end
You find a ticket
In the paper bin
You never thought that
You could scratch and win
But every now and again

Limit one per customer
Cash value 1/100 of a cent
Redeemable before you die

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