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Who's To Blame

This song is by Blessid Union Of Souls and appears on the single Let Me Be the One (1995).

She is young
And her son
Just turned three
Lives our society
In contempt
Feeds her son
Pays the rent

And I wonder
Who's to blame
And I wonder
Who's to blame

Daddy loves
His little girl
She's his pride his joy and his world
But they took her
From his life
She's been missing
Since July

And I wonder
Who's to blame
And I wonder
Who's to blame

Take a policy to lead the way
Finally to cease tomorrow
Shine your light upon virgin roads to peace
Where no one dares to go

Let's come together, all as one
For to change this road that we're on
There's an answer
It's called love
But we nailed it to the cross a long time ago
And I wonder
Who's to blame
And I wonder
Who's to blame

For the suffering of the children
For the lying and the killing
Tell me who's to blame
For the hurting and the sorrow
And a hopeless tomorrow
Tell me who's to blame

Oh I know we can make it better
If we all just come together
Cause there's evil everywhere
And it's much more than I can bear
There's a cross that we can carry
And a burden we can bear
Still it all remains the same
Somebody tell me who's to blame

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