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Storybook Life

This song is by Blessid Union Of Souls and appears on the compilation album The Singles (2001).

Said to myself
I'm the man
Got a pocket
Full of money
Certs in my mouth
In case my breath
Gets kinda funky
Saw a hottie
Staring right at me
She kinda looks
Like the chick
Who did the video
With Tommy Lee
Oh man is she
Coming over
I gotta get this show
On the road
Yea Yea Yea
She said
Where have I
Seen you before
If you didn't like
That one wel
I got about 20 more
I need a mack
Diggedy daddy
Take me out
In his caddy
We can kick it
Til the briggedy
Briggedy break of dawn"
I said It sounds like fun
But I ain't widdit
But if you're a good boy
I just might let you uhh-ummm
I said hold my hand
Because I ain't about the
Wham bam thank you ma'am
I hope ya understand that

I don't want
Britney tonight
And Salma
Yea she's alright
And I've seen Buffy
And she don't slay me
Cause baby you're
Just the type
Stay up and talk
To all night
Would you be
The star in my
Storybook life
My storybook life

I drove her home
And she was feeling
Kinda frisky
I told her nighty night
And then she asked
If she could kiss me
She said
Don't you wanna
Spend the night
And then she
Bit me on the ear
I felt like I was
In a Tyson fight
Oh God she's losing
Control now
So I said
I just want
Someone to hold
Yea Yea Yyea

Mariah she ain't for me
That brunette on V.I.P.
She don't hold
A candle to you
Cause baby you're
Just the type
Stay up and
Talk to all night
Would you be
The star in my
Storybook life

Baby you're just the type
I can talk to all night
Be the star
In my storybook life

Sabrina, Felicity
Meg Ryan
I won't lose sleep
You can keep
Your Halle Berry
Cause baby you're
Just the type
For this show Mrs. Right
You can be the star
In my storybook life
In my storybook life
This is my storybook life

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