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Real Good Friends

This song is by Blessid Union Of Souls and appears on the album Walking Of the Buzz (1999).

Original video
You came all this way to see me
There must be something I should know
Did you come here just to leave me
Cause I don't wanna let you go
I know you need more from me
Than I can give so now we'll see

If we can get along as real good friends
There's no need to say goodbye
We maybe better off as real good friends
To keep this love alive

Too much time and distance
Is what we were up against
And we didn't want to listen
To the advice of our friends
They said this can't last too long
They were right but they were all so wrong

Cause now we're gonna be two real good friends
Even closer than before
That's the way I think it should've always been
But we just wanted more

From the first time that we made eyes
We knew there was something there
And if this is the last time
Then let's pretend we never met
So we can start again

We could learn how to be real good friends
Even closer than before
Cause that's the way we knew it should've always been
And now we have it all

Ain't it better now that we're real good friends
Even closer than before
We'll never have to worry how the story ends
We'll just keep on wanting more
We'll never have to worry how the story ends

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