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Humble Star

This song is by Blessid Union Of Souls and appears on the album Blessid Union Of Souls (1997).

Original video
Back lounge tree hound
Glazed sun hell bound
Call up alll your closest friends
So we can do it all again
Hey, humble star
Do you think you're gonna live forever
But what's forever
Did you ever have the feeling you were falling, walking
Now you're crawling

Blind man coke fan
Guess you got it all too soon
Now you're suckin on a glass balloon
Hey, humble star
Do you think you're gonna live forever
But what's forever
Is it better than what they bought and sold you
Now they control your soul

And all the time you knew that I was standing there
Asking all the questions, who and why and where...

You run and hide you swim away
Afraid of all the things I say
Now the time has caught up with you

Fast car child star
J.a.p girl rap czar
No one is to blame
How's it feel to be a household name
Someone's about to lose
And it's playing on the evening news

Hey, crumbled star
I guess it didnt last forever
Does it ever
Forever's never
I guess you really weren't so clever

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