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This song is by Bleed The Sky and appears on the album Paradigm In Entropy (2005).

My position
Call it oppression
It's quite impossible to reform those who misbehave
Giving in to your blackest desires
Turning everyone you loved into liars
Life will divide
Nobody leaves here alive
Fuck your condition
Using everything you've taken against him
Old cuts and scars are reopened
Wings that are clipped can't be made to fly again
Life will divide
Nobody leaves here alive
Bleeding the sky
Nobody leaves here alive
All in time will be yours if you try
Can't you see that I needed to die?
Your heart is indicating vindication, vindication
Something I do not believe is right
It's all mine.
Get down on your knees and beg for it's your fucking time.
Get down on your fucking knees and beg for death
It's so funny
Nobody leaves here alive

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