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What Will Your Anthem Be?

This song is by Bleach and appears on the album Bleach (1999).

When the glitter fades
It fades so fast
What really lasts
What will the anthem be
Did we sing of rock'n'roll
Did we sing of sacred souls
Has the heart and the harmony
Met pleasingly

When the flicker fades
It fades so fast
Nothing is left
What will be legacies
Cause guitars will burn you see
Recollect no memories
Of the lights and the cheers and
And the human vanity

Should I give
Should I sing some rust
Pity me for my golden lust
And this one's for the lily
And this one's for the rose

Here it is
Let the truth be told
Here it is
We would like to know
Here it is
And what will the anthem be

What will your anthem be
What will our anthem be
What will the anthem be

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