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This song is by Bleach and appears on the album Static (1998).

Better get out it's a Hurricane
Oh a spinning sonic wind is gonna blow you away
Either get knocked out or get outta the way
Oh you better get out it's a Hurricane

You don't even know it's there
A gentle breeze teases through your hair
Flirting back it's all so great
Better get before too late
Run away
Run away OK run away OK
OK get away get away get away
Take a breath of sin sweet air
Wind blows faster through your hair
Wrap yourself in cello-phane
You can't breathe can't get away
Get away, Mayday, Get away, Mayday, Get away, Mayday, Mayday

Spinning fast and do you care?
This spinning downward makes you scared
Jesus hands and calming waves
Jesus hands a gust of change
Come away today, come away today
Come away, come away, come away.

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