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Who's It Gonna B?

This song is by Blazin' Squad.

Who's it gonna be?

Who's it gonna be?,
Is it him or is it me?,
Stop playin' games,
Girl, jus' tell me,
I've gotta know,
Who's it gonna be?,

Yo, baby who's it gonna b?,
Da X5's outside an' I'm lukin' 2 ride,
It's 10 below zero,
No fear, 'cause Flava'z gansta like Robert DeNiro,
Dis boy, ur witness,
An, u heard of me,
I'm a shepherd dnt b concerned,
Wiv a herd of sheep,
Listen, my style's jus' so different from da rest,
I'm handsome, intelligent,
I no I ain't da best,
But I've worked real hard,
I've put da effort in,
I've drove my skills upon da rhythm,
I've listened, it's easy believe me,
It's simple,
I'll show you how we turn dis,
************ Upside down,
I luv ur dimples,
Ur smile, it drives me wild,
Yeah, all jumps inside,
It's ur eyes,
Dat's got me hypnotised, evritime,
Stop, believin' wat you heard from ur friends,
I ain't a playa,
I jus' link da girls in da end,

1 question, pretty simple,
Tell me, who's it gonna b?,
I no ur feelin' wat I do,
An' girl I think it's me,
I dnt play no games,
Dat's jus' how I feel,
'Cause I dnt take no fake,
I only take da real deal,
I'll let u c da real me,
Da off da road me,
Let you take a luk behind da scenes,
Wen I'm not on ur TV screen,
4real, baby luk da rides rite outside,
U like da shine on da rims?,
Baby check inside,
1st off, it's da club,
Sippin' drinks on fire,
Up 2 v.i.p, now it's all gon wild,
Take you down 2 da ride,
4 sum kissin' an' hugs,
An' den go back 2 da crib,
4 sum all night luv,
Dat's how we do it, all night,
Straight luvvin' 4real,
Baby, now you know da deal,
Come on, tell me how you feel,
Is it me or him?, I need 2 know,
It's playin' on my mind,
Baby tell me if it's real,
Quick, ur runnin' out of time,

Yo, who's it gonna b?,
Me?, yeah hopefully,
No longin' now tell me,
(ALL) Who's it gonna b?,
I no ur on it,
But if you dnt want it,
I ain't really bothered, tell me,
(ALL) Who's it gonna b?,
It's kinda simply,
Bump, bump an' grindin',
Hip-hop, bumpin' in da club,
(ALL) Who's it gonna b?,
Da lyrics dat I'm sprayin' r insane,
Can you jus' tell me?,
Who's it gonna b?,

Yo, kick in da bass

Aha, aha, oh, oh,
Aha, aha, oh, oh,
Aha, aha, oh, oh,
Aha, aha, oh, oh,

I'll tell you straight,
R u a part of it?,
If you ain't I'm not givin',
My heart 4 it,
U got a choice of 2,
Is it me or him?,
It dnt bother me,
'Cause eitha way I'll win,
'Cause if you can have 2 guys,
Then I can have 2 girls,
Dat's da way it goes,
Wen ur livin' in my world,
I still wnt gettin' down wiv u,
I ain't lettin' my feet leave da ground 4 u,

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