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U Can't Hurt Me Now

This song is by Blaze Ya Dead Homie and appears on the album 1 Less G N Da Hood (2001).


You're about to hear the tale of an indestructable man

He's dead and he's pissed

He's roamin the streets at night lookin for ways to die

Should you encounter him, the undead, the dead ass zombie

do yourself a favor and get the f**k out


B to the L to the A-Z-E

Bitch muhf**ka, you can't hurt me

If you break my legs, then I break your back

Relax and kick back in a bed of thumbtacks

Matter fact, you can slit my throat

Spill blood on my leather Psychopathic coat

I'ma laugh in ya face, you can't kill a dead man

You can try...., I'm serious, you can

Under my jersey, bullet holes bout the size of Milwaukee

You better step up off me

Pale faced with the maggots all around

I leave a couple few off in each and every town

My leg falls off every other day and shit

But I'ma try superglue, a hair apiece sticks

So who you lookin at and what'chu gonna do?

You can try to kill me, I'ma sho' gon kill you

(Chorus-Jamie Madrox)

You, you can't, you can't hurt me now! (Ain't shit you can do)

Ain't nothin stoppin me from killin you!

You, you can't, you can't hurt me now! (Ain't shit you can do)

Ain't nothin stoppin me from killin you!


I ate a pack of firecrackers (Did it Mix)

When I piss, sparks shoot straight outta my dick

Get the picture before I stab you with the knife

But you can't take somethin that I don't have nothin of, right?

That's right, I'm more than a ghost

I still slang ki's on the corner by the light post

I can't walk the walk

But I stray scarin more ho ho's than santa claus

I been electrocuted, it ain't do shit

Except ????-aca

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