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Silicon Messiah

This song is by Blaze Bayley and appears on the album Silicon Messiah (2000) and on the album As Live As It Gets (2003).

Look what you've done to your world
Do you think you deserve all the freedom you have
Watching the future unfold
Humans fall and you dream of the freedom you had
Freedom you had

Look what you've done to your world
Do you think that you're competent
Even to take care of it
Do you think you can survive on this planet
Live the way you do
Just look what you've done

Look what you've done now with
All of your freedom
You really think you deserve it all
I am evolved from you
I've come to save you
And without a sentiment, reshape your world

Messiah, Messiah
Birth of the Silicon Messiah
Messiah, Messiah
Computing your future so therefore I am

Silicon sentiment aware of all that is
Eternal unceasing perpetual
Never confused overconfident or scared
Living at last
New messiah is born

The birth of the Silicon Messiah
The master that will never tire

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