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This song is by Blaque and appears on the album Blaque Out (2002).

Original video
I wanna know why this feels so right
I wanna know why you hold me tight
each and every night, it keeps me up all night
thinkin about the things i like
can't believe you're in my life
i wanna know why ur the one
the things that they should have you've already done
god sent you straight to me
you make me wanna sing ladadada

but when you look at me, do u see ur wife?
can u picture us lovin' each other for life?
are u playin' the role, just like the rest
these are the questions that i ask myself
if, another should come, who's finer than me
and she wanna take ur love away, would u leave?
baby please answer these questions

could this be my whole fantasy
maybe u could just be too good for me
if i don't wake then i won't see
cuz if im not the one u met, then who is in me
in the mist of the tears how come, i love u more, and more, and more
i never longed for no one, yes its true
seems like this questions keep me here with you

(repeat chorus 2x)

if u, really wanna be with me
then ill say, i'll love u endlessly
one thing that i really wanna know
will this end or will this grow
i say now if u really wanna be with me
ill love u endlessly
one thing that i really wanna know
will this end or will this grow

(repeat chorus 2x)

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