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CexCells (2007)Edit

Blaqk Audio - CexCells
  1. Stiff Kittens
  2. Between Breaths (An XX Perspective)
  3. Snuff On Digital
  4. Bitter For Sweet
  5. Where Would You Like Them Left?
  6. The Fear of Being Found
  7. On A Friday
  8. The Love Letter
  9. Semiotic Love
  10. Cities of Night
  11. Again, Again and Again
  12. Wake Up, Open the Door and Escape to the Sea
Bonus Tracks:
  1. Mute Best Buy exclusive track
  2. Black Electric iTunes exclusive
  3. Girls And Boys Hot Topic exclusive, Blur cover

Bright Black Heaven (2012)Edit

Blaqk Audio-Bright Black Heaven
Bright Black Heaven
  1. Cold War
  2. Fade to White
  3. Faith Healer
  4. Deconstructing Gods
  5. Everybody's Friend
  6. Let's Be Honest
  7. With Your Arms Around You
  8. Bliss
  9. Bon Voyeurs
  10. The Witness
  11. Say Red
  12. Ill Lit Ships

Non-Album SongsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Down Here
  2. Everybody's Friends
  3. Mouth To Mouth

Additional information

Band members:
  • Davey Havok Wikipedia16 – Lead Vocals, Primary Lyricist, Production (2006-present)
  • Jade Puget Wikipedia16 – Keyboard, Synthesizer, Backing Vocals, Primary Composer, Programming, Production (2006-present)
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