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Put In Some Work

This song is by Blak Czer and appears on the album Tales From da Blak Side (1994).

Gs, fake OGs, put in some work and if you don't you'll be six feet deep, creep ass nigga

Dope head punks with the biscuit mass murdering mothafucker's a mad misfit
And you can get your ass kicked fucking with the hands
And the cypress won't heal cause I could just kill a man
You don't understand bout the dope selling thugers
Why the cop's always chase me and my telephone's bugged
I even watch slugs in your donut eating gum, it's red rummy on your mommy if your down with the feds
Dead as a punk lead to the task
Force many niggas with the trigger
Kick it fast
Later for ass give me cash
You know all hoes go schizo for dope
I like to make a hoe get wild
Cause all my niggas know that hookers get foul having child after child
Stop, hold up, look what you're doing
It's a baby making bitch you need to stop screwing
If I was to give you tips you would dip off to the mall
And get that outfit and that weed bullshit
One of my sons played the mental one
That's why Czer carries guns just to get the job done

Gs, fake OGs, put in some work and if you don't you'll be six feet deep, creep ass nigga

We used to write our name on the wall
We was down for the ball in the project hall
Stick em up
Your mama used to cry all night
She never knew if her baby was alright
A said sounding like a gunfight
A war's going on in the streets
That's why so many niggas pack ink
And hearts don't beat about to hit the double up quick
And come up thick with my nine on my hip one time can eat a dick
I'm high of the endo, I'm peeping out the window
I'm sleeping though my lips won't make the ones that tendo
I got to get the mail, got to make another dope sale
Gotta letta move the mail with child support check jail
Trying to get me on the humbug got to funk slug to the government
Don't know where my mother went
She's gotta think I left she for my one night stand
And ain't no joke being hard broke
So I claim loc
It's a filthy filthy world in your hood
That's why we sell crack like Solo said
I can't hold it back
I'm coming from the slums up the gutter
I fell for many rotten mothafuckers claiming to be brothers
I got no love for nobody but me
I live my lifestyle wide and look a punk bitch with my homies put slugs in my enemies
I'm Blak Cs and I'm all about G
It's a 211 in progress freeze please, nobody move
It's that nigga Blak Cez
Run for your guns and if you don't have one you can catch a bad one creep style
Meanwhile your brain frames crap from the hollow-point
Did you really think that Blak Cez was about throwing joints
Send your fucking ass to the morgue if you didn't know
Griffi get laced a tag on your big toe
Murdering fake OGs with the nine mil
Straight As in school if the teacher taught to kill
I'm as sick as I wanna be
Don't stand in front of me
Demand up for murder master it's a disaster
I drew faster
I'm sexy with my fucking ghetto blaster
I just trashed you little bastard
You can't deal with the ill
Cause we'll send chills through your back
Fuck around and get checked

Gs, fake OGs, put in some work and if you don't you'll be six feet deep, creep ass nigga

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