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Reckless Boy

This song is by Blackfoot and appears on the album Rick Medlocke And Blackfoot (1987).


Never was a choir boy, I'll never be a saint,
Got a taste for the fast life enough to make you faint,
Got myself a simple dream, that just fits my style,
I'm looking for a better land, cause I'm a little wild, and...


Reckless boy, high up on a ledge, sometimes I'm serious,
I'm a reckless boy, living on the edge, but I'm not dangerous.


Never been the social type, well I never drink champagne,
Well I love the pretty ladies, now that's quite insane.
I've got another plan, I'll take it to the top,
Put it into overdrive, and never let it stop this...

Repeat Chorus


Sometimes you gotta go,
Straight to the top you know.
Live it till the end.

Repeat Chorus

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