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End of Days

This song is by Black Tusk and appears on the album Passage Through Purgatory (2008).

Wind swept plain
Scorched black earth
Blood red sky
Time has come
Growls and cries
From the deep
Mountain erupts fire
Demons wake

Wolves close in
Corpses burn
Vultures fill the sky
Men will fall
Blades tear flesh
Ground runs red
Wraith fights on
Consuming souls

Thunder shakes the ground
Lightning from the sky

Arrows of fire
Piercing skulls
Bones will crush
Relentless foe
Night falls black
Hope is lost
Fires light the sky
One will rise

The stage is set the armies
Align to die
Hallowing screams
Bloodcurdling cries to the sky
This is the end of our days
Back and forth
The struggle wears on
Consuming the light

Beast draws blood
Scattered minds
Spell is cast
All is black
Final hour lost
Rising tide
End of days
Out of time

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