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Bleed on Your Knees

This song is by Black Tusk and appears on the album Pillars of Ash (2016).

They try to shun the truth, poisoning your mind
Infect a part of you, scared of what you'll find
Kill your point of view, take it all away
You're not of yourself, you're of what I say

Give unto me
See through my eyes
Bleed on your knees
Feed me your lies

Giver of life
Giver of lies
Give me your eyes

All hail the king

And now the stage is set
On with the show
Just another sheep in the pack
Surrender all you know

As my spirit drifts, through the worlds of black
I've pledged my life, no turning back
Taste of fruits I should not taste
And leave my soul in lands of waste

Soon to die, open wide
Swallow down, dead inside

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