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Popular Demand

This song is by Black Thought.

Pull a man (very an?) whip
Big bear brothers in it lookin' skinny as diss
Hop out the back in a patch clearly I'm lit
Look at the black prez
Holla then back to back shots an accent
I'm kind of a big deal
I can feel ecstasy without popping a pill
I'm on top of the world
In my old school copperfield
Got five o eights apocalypse style
It ain't no stopping us now
Just like they vannan white head
People say the phily boys having it right here
And there's no comparison the difference is quite clear
Plus we white bread
Brothers like americas nightmare
I need my own show like regis
To talk about the way there rappers is hegis
Get that money
Is blasphemy
Its as smart as a crash dummy, that's funny
Brothers are is a battle in last for me

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