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Decomposed By The Fire Of The Firmament

This song is by Black Tape for a Blue Girl and appears on the album This Lush Garden Within (1993) and on the album This Lush Garden Within (1997).

These dark uncertainties surround me, smother me, submerge me
Throwing me strong against the walls
Down through the blankets of tears that distort me reality... My reality
Intricate fingers scraped beneath my flesh
Lost within the darkened room of fears
Slicing like twisted blades
Mocking my confusion
This dark obliterating confusion
I feel you quiver yet pretend it does not hurt
I'm frightened by your love for me
I'm afraid of what you want from me
I fear it is I who will drive this beauty into dust
I fear to begin again because every time I fail
I fail... I fail... I fail
Decomposed by the fire of the firmament
Tried before the harsh glare, isolation, found to be truth
She smiles so bravely as the Sun sears her image from my mind

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