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Steal A Ride

This song is by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and appears on the EP Howl Sessions (2006).

Here she comes, what a pretty gal
Brown shoes on and a sequined gown
I've been waiting on a green light, keep me around
She's the type of lover make me get and run for cover
Won't you come around?

Here he comes, what a lucky buck
Tears her out in a pickup truck
I've been waiting on the right night, shoot him down
He's the type a mother make you kill your only brother
As he's waking up, oh, no

Hey, there mama, can you hear what I'm saying?
The deed's been done and I can't be waiting
The boy's in the back in the back of the city dump
When he said, he loved her, babe, I'll be there for you
Owning a brand new truck and we'll go out right


Written by:

Been Robert L; Hayes Peter B

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