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Mean Woman (If You Ever Blues)

This song is by Black Oak Arkansas and appears…

If you ever wonder how I'll be.
Call on me, now.
I told myself better than
Anyone that I see
Ain't no mean woman
Ever gonna let me be no...
If you ever think of me at night.
It's all right now.
But your out lookin'
The daytime don't look bright
Cause mean ole' woman
Your personality is a fright girl
A fright girl

If you ever look at me
And smile all the while now.
It may be near
But it might as well be a mile
'Cause mean ole' woman
I just don't like your style, no
Oh, style no!

If you ever want to see me near
Be sincere now
The way your actin'
Is just one thing that fear
Mean woman
You're just pretendin that you're a dear girl

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