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Keep The Faith

This song is by Black Oak Arkansas and appears on the album Keep the Faith (1972) and on the compilation album Hot & Nasty: The Best of Black Oak Arkansas (1993).

When troubles got you down
and sorrow's all around
if you think your loves all been in vain
just cry to end the pain.

Please keep the faith, we need it.

You look for a way out
of this sea of doubt.
It looks hard I understand
swimmin when you can't see land.

Please keep the faith, we need it.

You need to see the country
but something holds you back.
Travel near, far and wide.
Have no fear or nothing to hide.

Please keep the faith, we need it.
If you're tired of the human race,
and you can't find yourself in pace,
there's too many games goin round
and the Man's tryin to bring you down.

Please keep the faith, we need it.

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