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Fever In My Mind

This song is by Black Oak Arkansas and appears on the album Keep the Faith (1972) and on the compilation album Hot & Nasty: The Best of Black Oak Arkansas (1993).

Fever in my mind, I had a little bit.
Money in my pocket, just a little bit.
Gave the doctor what I had.
Money only makes me sad.
I still got the fever in my mind.

Doctor told me that I had
A little bit of fever in my head.
And he said it'd go away.
When he said it'd go away.
I listened to him but I knew
That it would stay because
The fever that I had was in
My mind - in my mind.

Doctor told me that I had a little bit
Of fever in my head , just a little bit.

But I knew what he would say
He would try to make me stay,
If I had a fever in my mind.

Oh no, Oh no, Oh no
Oh no, In my mind.