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​We Live No More

This song is by Black Label Society and appears on the album The Blessed Hellride (2003) and on the album Kings of Damnation: Era 1998-2004 (2005).

You say you don't know what it's all about
Just look around, you'll see there is no doubt
The worms and maggots gather for the feast
An endless slave behind your belief

-(Oh, Oh)- Choose what you wish to believe
-(Oh, Oh)- Choose what you wish to see
-(Oh, Oh)- The hatred one can't ignore
...Let the gathering begin, for we live no more

You can't erase the past, that will not die
Life's countless suffering, your countless lies
Dead and buried, peace, yet you turn away
Hate on hate was born here to stay

[Chorus] ...Let the gathering begin

[Chorus] ...Let the gathering begin

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