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I'm broke

This song is by Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears and appears on the album Tell 'Em What Your Name Is! (2009).

God damn I'm so broke
I feel like a hobo just sitting on the corner with no hope
But once I get on the mic I get so loco
That people I don't know be telling me I'm so dope
Haha I kinda oppose those
People living so fast so ima live in slomo
I paint a vivid picture with my words like photo
I don't like (Jason) Derulo but I relate to him cause ride solo
I'm not a rapper who is so so
Far from ordinary I don't even needy promote
My music 'cause it's a yes yes, not a no no
You'd think I'm living lavish life but I'm not 'cause I'm so broke

Even when I have just a little bit of mula
I buy something stupid that I'll regret in the future
All I have is a bus pass and a scooter
To get me around town while people have more than two cars
I'm just glad I have my own computer
So I can keep making good music for you cause
Well I guess it more for me 'cause it's my true love
I'm a starving artist that's why my mic is chewed up
Which means that I have to buy a new one
Moneys getting tight it feels like I have a noose on
I'm still an adolescent trying to keep my youth long
Enough before I get sent into a world of confusion
And that's truth son pardon my intrusion
But may I stay at your place for these next to months
I hope I'm not asking for too much
But please help me out and I stop talking about how I'm broke

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