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Stand (At The Burning Tree)

This song is by Black Country Communion and appears on the album Black Country Communion (2010).

I come to my senses
And I feel like
I've just been born
Gonna tear down
The fences
And my feet have been shackled and torn
And I face my resistance
And I stake my flag
In the ground
They will come in many colors
In the silence
Breakin' me down

I'm ten miles away
And I won't
Be afraid
I've been locked in this dream
Far too long
And I lie awake
And the hurt
Breaks my fall
All alone, in this world
With my symphony
I Stand, I Stand at the
Burning Tree
I Stand, oh Lord
Won't you justify me?

Too long is my sentence
I can't let myself
Slowly drown
There's a sign
In the skyline
I won't let this curse
Take me down
I have lived
With the shaman
Tried to get myself company
And I walk
With the angels
When they come
They don't lie to me

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