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Who killed Bobby Fuller?

This song is by Black 47 and appears on the album Home Of The Brave (1994).

It's Saturday night on the Lower East Side
I'm sittin' here contemplatin' suicide
I just got mugged down in Tompkins Square
When a skinny-assed junkie stuck a bayonet in my ear
I can't believe you've gone and left me for a dentist
Whatever happened to my existentialist
If I can't find out I never will recover
I gotta know who killed Bobby Fuller?

I know that you think that I'm out of my head
'Cause I haven't been givin' you the love that I should
I just sit here playin' his old 45's
Wishing to hell that Bobby was alive
He's still out there singin' "I fought the law"
But no one is sayin' exactly what they saw
If I can't find out I never will recover
I gotta know who killed Bobby Fuller?

And now you've gone and found another significant other
I hope your teeth fall out whenever he kisses you
And you'll come crawlin' back when you discover
that I found out who killed Bobby Fuller!

I know it's an obsession but what can I do
Oh darlin', I'm still so in love with you
There's a se'orita down in El Paso
And I know that she's got some of the answers
She's older now and she's ready to speak
So tell your dentist to cap someone else's teeth
If we can't be friends we can at least be lovers
I gotta know who killed Bobby Fuller?

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