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This song is by Bl@h.

Some say it's hell, some say it's pain
Many say it's nothing that a heart can't tell
Still i'm innocent about these things
And i'm fearing 'bout the things i'm saying
How can one say, how can one tell
The future that's fast becoming
There may be days, there may be nights
That's coming in your life.
I say hello, you say goodbye
It's a thirst that keeps you dry
How can i hold me
If you can't hold me
It has always been my desire
I call your name
But you won't come
My mind can't open
When you're not done
What's coming up,
What's coming down
What's waiting in your life?
I saw a man six feet high
And asked him about his life
He said, "I'm tall but can't reach the sky."
And left me home behind

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