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This song is by Björk and appears on the movie soundtrack Selmasongs: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack Dancer in the Dark (2000).

Original video
Clatter, crash, clack!
Racket, bang, thump!
Rattle, clang, crack, thud, whack, bam!

It's music! - Now dance!

Listen, Cvalda
You're the dancer
You've got the sparkle in your eyes
Look at me, entrancer!

Clatter, crash, clack...

The clatter-machines
They greet you and say:
"We tap out a rhythm and sweep you away!"

A clatter-machine
What a magical sound
A room full of noises
That spins you around...

Written by:

Björk, Mark Bell, Sjón and Lars von Trier

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