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Thug World

This song is by Bizzy Bone and appears on the album Alpha And Omega (2004).

The world ain't yours Thug world
Better prepare for war
Better prepare for war

Hey thug world the world ain't yours
Thug world
These last days you better prepare for war
You better prepare for war

Better prepare
Better be ready for whatever
Lil' B still be getting scarredy in the eleventh in the ghetto
Down in Columbus off the thuggish ruggish mash on the pedal
Throwing up the sevens on these player haters
Blast the bessel
Furthermore been popping over crude oil
Off in the ghetto we don't know nothing about it
'Cause half of these brothers can't be loyal
Picture me sipping on Hennessey
Remember me
Caught up inside the twenty third century
Giving the best of me
Evidently this is real
Putting it on Baby Phil
Let's do this video grime
Quick 'fore I get killed
This is a battlefield
This how it's going down
And we be twisting they tongue soon as I come around
Better watch your back
And don't be scared youngsta
This is the gangsta party
And who me?
Bizzy the thugsta
Call me Kamikaze
I won't even speak about illuminati
Welcome to Babylon
Man (hey) I need to speak to Tommy

Gotta get to drinking
Me thinking
She finna fin in the car
Karlos Shemar Davis, Tupac and Biggie Smalls
Eric Wright one of the 'fore fathers of gangsta shhhhh
He one of the ones that got me in
Y'all know what it is
One time for Left-Eye
Put your hands up
My little daughter Illiya
Making me man up
Oh Illiya I think I'm falling down the steps
By the millions
That's the way I feeling (hey)
What about Bone Thugs
If you really want to know
Gotta keep it moving, keep it going
'Cause I ain't no Ho!
Cocked in the streets with them
Busting jack-move
This game is all about bidness
Now let this track prove
Slap box with the biggest brother
And make the big boy fall for your mother ruckus
My foster brother got shot in one of his eyes (pow!)
I guess Jehovah ain't want trackie to die
Come on!

How dumb would I be if I started a fight over you just because women didn't swallow you
How dumb would I be if I hit you with bottles and niggas beginning to storm you
I been in the shroud in columbus pow
But I can smile now Thug World
Drunk and I'm buck wild
And if you young better enjoy the chow feeling me now
I come in the dog hood ready and proud
What the world say?
Hey y'all never bow down
Keep on keeping on
(He laughs)
Pretty boy with the blemish
All coke and crown
My seventh sign niggas wit' me
I could smoke a pound
Gotta get mine 'cause I ain't finished
Had the ghetto in me
Since elementary
I been rapping
And staying Bizzy
A couple of sissies
In the long run
Gimme some
Let's make this conversation deep
And we ain't saying nothing
Welcome to Babylon
We in the universe
You know my name dawg
They call me Bizzy y'all
Thug World Ghetto Church

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