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Roll Call

This song is by Bizzy Bone and appears on the album Heaven'z Movie (1998).

I present to you, our leader, Gambino with the Nina Ross...

Roll call, roll call (Seven Sign)
Rap is back to its original force

Commander-in-Chief and the Mob Boss

(Bizzy) (Laughing...)
I've been waitin' to rock shit
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (roll call)
You muthafuckas can't shut me up!
You muthafuckas can't stop me! (roll call)

I present to you, our leader

Seven in Heaven, I love my brethren, (?)
Ready? Come catch us
Hey, hey, hey

(Bizzy 1)
It's a war goin' on here in this Universe
Ha, ha. And I spoke my mind, and it liberated me
Rap is truly back to it's original force

(Bizzy 2)
The weeping widow and the abominations
That is tatted on your forehead:
You will fall in the new born Babylon
Y'all don't feel me?
Get on the muthafuckin' level!

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