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This song is by Bizzy Bone and appears on the album The Gift (2001).

Murdarah, Murdarah
Murdarah, Murdarah

Enemies please I keep my chest out believe me
700 laywers and they all actin' greedy
Money hungry strugglin while thuggin'
My baby momma complain I'm full wit pain
Cigrettes tha tame enemies filled wit pain
Itchy fingers while niggaz they snitched out
And bitches inches from havin' pussy poppers wit pistol switches
Picture that
I actually I'm happy daddy just don't understand
I'm back on tha block wit chucks and my man
And store my sexuality when all tha chickens where virgins (now)
Rebellin in excursions wonderin if it be burnin up suburbans
And my community we watch fights and it really don't bother me
Sadamized by poverty
Cause nobody think 'bout the babies
Cause nobody thinkin' 'bout the babies

Yeaaaaa! murdarah murdarah
Yeaaaaa! murdarah murdarah

Heavily in tha drug thang
And if they can stop Saddam from sellin missiles
How we satuated wit pistols they illegalize
And tax which changed and mark my words
They doin' tha same thing wit cocaine
And herb how we everyday handle well
Jesus planted tha seeds and help ease lil boys and girls ease
There minds and I ain't talkin' bout smokin' weed
Tha word is all you need follow my lead
I'm thorough I know wit different homies barrowed through different girls

Have double barrow pro hammers
And I sold crack to sherrell and blastin
Got cleansed to save my selve and no turnin' around cause tha ??????
Cause nobody cause no one's thinkin' 'bout the babies
Cause no one's thinkin' 'bout the babies

Yeaaaaa! murdarah murdarah
Yeaaaaa! murdarah murdarah

Here for tha babies and I'm takin' my kids wit me
See Moses never made to tha promise land Satan come get me
He's ready to burn us all baptize is flames like Kane
Takin' tha shot to my body can enemies aim for my brain
Pray for tha devil hopin he change his ways he still laughin'
Screamin I don't know tha half but tell me wha tha fuck done happen
I ain't worried 'bout a damn thing GOD got my back remember that
And fuck me 'cause I'm on tha attack
Can't waste my time wit these niggaz my brothers are just like me
Makin' a form wit tha image but I love to scrimmage wit tha team
Believe in Jesus indeed huh
Gotta get more deeper concentrate on tha love
Satan is gettin' weaker no one's thinkin' 'bout the babies no one's
Thinkin' 'bout the babies

Yeaaaaa! murdarah murdarah
Yeaaaaa! murdarah murdarah
Yeaaaaa! murdarah murdarah

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