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Don't Doubt Me

This song is by Bizzy Bone and appears on the album The Gift (2001).

And now we will comence with a prayer. WELCOME. Hooked back up with tony C. You know what I'm sayin'. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. See there's a lot of quesions that muthafuckas need answered, you know what I'm sayin'. They wanna know what's up with bizzy and bone thugs (did y'all break up?) and all this and all that (what's goin' on?) I'm simplify that shit. Feel me. Feel ME.

Standin in thick tops, with two pairs of reeboks, and we not leavin' till them all clean, where tha fiends at, doin' it for my babies, and baby it ain't no turnin' back, burnin that ciggarette, you know what these niggas can get, these, I done smoked so much weed, bought 20 V's, hennessy, and even the industry tried to play me like a crack fiend, Eazy was my nigga, but Eazy gave me all the liqour, I was only 16, Ruthless can't tip me, all of the demons missed me, two of the bones dissed me, I don't give a fuck we got history, shit it ain't no mystery, niggas is pissed off, they say I ain't showin up to shows, but the people don't know, I ain't makin' no money, so what am I workin for, tell me what am I hurtin' for, baby what are we researchin for, restitution, little foster kids give me contributions, so you can ring out the towel, and watch, its playin' me now.

Roll, like can get rolled over come, come and get you some, de dum de dum de dum de dum de don't doubt me

Am I hate, well I ain't shot nobody yet, how am I the bad guy, y'all tellin' mad lies, and this is for the strong black fathers, gon get your dollars, and take your kids to college, keep some extra for leather squallas, my momma was a hustla, and you can call me pretty boy floyd, runnin' when I hear the cop noise, chillin', coffee pops, they boys, thank you for the beatings, I'm my own man, elevate then a grown man, I don't trust nobody, chemicals that was taped through my nervous system, and sentimental survivors, ducked down in churches, protectin strays from mangin, did I forget to mention GOD, never, me and my wife drop daily, on our knees forever, little babies, remember, remember, the faith will get you through, even though that hate, was all we knew, still throwin' food drives, droppin' little kids hollas, as we get rushed like aliens, it seems like I been screamin for momma.

Roll, like can get rolled over come, come and get you some, de dum de dum de dum de dum de don't doubt me

GOD first, then we second, for musics a blessin, servin' it from lyin' then I ain't bryon, and I'm fryin, and lessons of a ghetto kids who feelin' fiends cribs, where everybody keeps dyin', and everybodys takin' nobody years, in science, if signs exist, in the times we tint, fell in cryin to the bitch, What the fuck am I supposed to do, harm to the world is school, with a tactict to lose, 'cause we been slaves ever since them niggas follow the rules, my Lord JESUS is help, but join keys exhale, my rappers is actin', never stood on no block, I can tell, raggin and force flaggin, lil faggot, you got some bail for my homies, hes a diddy, you ain't nothin' like bizzy, 'cause you phony, I'm mony, he don't want dymond dolla, you talkin' to nickys daddy, have they momma or they fuckin' fathers, hello, bother my peoples, with daddy, well shit, if people will tell me for fame, lame, read books and go get some game.

Roll, like can get rolled over come, come and get you some, de dum de dum de dum de dum de don't doubt me

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