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Before I Go

This song is by Bizzy Bone and appears on the album The Gift (2001).

{Verse 1}
You have been sentenced to 567
I ain't even do shit what the fuck WHAT!! this is bullshit
Before I go (whoooo)

Momma momma I know I'm selling this marijuana god
I do what I wanna but god they won't give me a job
I scream and I holler and even tried to stop the cops
Block my get away I know I'm selling chop chop
God when they send me away on the ten pop
Waiting for, drama cause I'm skinny
The streets may be hideous but the heat was pretty
Candy made me die tittie why when we ride
On to the nitty gritty slide on the system of lies
With me and my pride I don't think I'm gonna make it alive (what)
Cause if I do
I'm a be institute
Sugar lies thugged out ever since PAC died
I know what thugstas all about make a sacrifice for Christ
These motherfuckers never could kill me twice (kill me twice)
Crack pipes on the playground playground playground playground playground

Before I go to jail yall
Hell nah don't let em put me in a cell lord
Prays god now (Repeat 3X)
Before i go to jail go to jail go to jail

{Verse 2}
As I sit in this jail cell hell
Reading the mail mom sent to me
I can tell she getting weary
Where my daddy at, I don't give a (fuck)
Nigga don't call me when his money stack ducking to kill us everyday
Where the love at Bone Thug brand new
I always been with god, but is god with you
I keep hearing these voices
Having a hell of my choices
And telling us the poisons on my soul and hennessy was the ointment
Seeeeee, Saten still the enemy
Never been a friend of me
Especially in the fast lane
I can't pretend to be an angel when I'm only a servant
Content in service to the one and only undisputed with common courtesy
None of yall could've been worse then me, I've stoled things that I ain't proud of
I won't even mention the power
CD I was getting near it
If I die today I, I'd die a happy man god bless the family

Before I go to jail yall
Hell nah don't let em put me in a cell lord
Prays god now (Repeat 3X)
Before I go to jail go to jail go to jail

{Verse 3}
Damn nobody sent me 20 dollars
And my baby's mama's fraid to kiss me
You don't miss me I don't blame her I made it to be
Family kept on dissin me
And got a letter I'm hoping to die quickly
Hoping to die swiftly
I'm going to take all these niggas with me
And keep on testing me in the water and wonder why I don't cry
Cause they stiff as me
520 years what the fuck is 5 more
What am I here for cause I was blasting at the five O
Lil run and blow it up
My niggas grown up
Throwing up gang signs
And I was praying at the same time
I tell em slow it up
Hell no
And don't you wind up in this hell hold
If I can do it all again
When I becoming a man
Learning in prison
All these criminals yall don't know how the fuck they living
But I ain't given up reading the bible everyday
And only god can say I can pray

Before I go to jail yall
Hell nah don't let em put me in a cell lord
Prays god now (Repeat 3X)
Before I go to jail go to jail go to jail

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