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Heaven'z Movie (1998)Edit

Bizzy Bone - Heaven'z Movie

Heaven'z Movie

  1. Roll Call
  2. Thugz Cry
  3. Marchin' on Washington
  4. Yes Yes Y'All
  5. Menensky Mobbin'
  6. Waitin' For Warfare (featuring Capo)
  7. Mr. Majesty II (featuring Mr. Majesty)
  8. Brain On Drugs
  9. On The Freeway (featuring Cat Cody)
  10. Demons Surround Me
  11. (The Roof Is) On Fire
  12. Nobody Can Stop Me
  13. Social Studies

The Gift (2001)Edit

Bizzy Bone - The Gift

The Gift

  1. Schizophrenic
  2. Don't Be Dumb
  3. Whole Wide World
  4. Never Grow
  5. Murderah
  6. Before I Go
  7. Be Careful
  8. Fried Day
  9. Voices In The Head
  10. Still Thuggish Ruggish
  11. Don't Doubt Me
  12. Time Passing Us By
  13. Father
  14. Jesus

Alpha and Omega (2004)Edit

Bizzy Bone - Alpha And Omega

Alpha And Omega

  1. No Intro
  2. Not Afraid
  3. Died 4 U (featuring Big B)
  4. Murdah (featuring Prince Rasu, King Josiah and Capo)
  5. Capo (featuring Capo)
  6. Tha Streets (featuring Prince Rasu and Capo)
  7. My Niggaz (featuring Hollis Jae)
  8. Thug World
  9. I Understand (featuring Big B)
  10. We Play
  11. All In Together (featuring Hollis Jae)
  12. Everywhere I Go (featuring Brian Parker)
  13. Sit Back Relax (featuring Hollis Jae)
  14. Better Run, Better Hide

The Beginning and End (2004)Edit

Bizzy Bone - The Beginning And End

The Beginning And End

  1. Time Travel (featuring Prince Rasu and Thug Queen)
  2. Stres Builds (featuring Prince Rasu and Big B)
  3. Try Hustle Me (featuring Hollis Jae)
  4. Weed Song (featuring Prince Rasu, Big B, Weezy and Capo)
  5. Split Personalities (featuring Capo)
  6. Be Careful Pt. 2 (featuring Big B and Prince Rasu)
  7. Ride Or Die (featuring Big B, Weezy, Prince Rasu and Capo)
  8. Head To The Ground (featuring Layzie Bone)
  9. Satan's Disciples
  10. Feelin' Lovely
  11. Hellafied Game
  12. Hit The Reefah (featuring Big B)
  13. Good Vs. Evil (featuring Prince Rasu)
  14. Skit (featuring Lil Mike, Big B and Mahogany)
  15. Do We Die And Prayer

Speaking In Tongues (2005)Edit

Bizzy Bone - Speaking In Tongues

Speaking In Tongues

  1. What U See
  2. T.T.
  3. Bald Head Horse Man
  4. Seeing Things
  5. BB Da Thug
  6. Beauty (You Just A Rose)
  7. Carry My Baby
  8. Hold Me Down (featuring Bambino)
  9. He Told Me (featuring Kahnma)
  10. Represent Da One
  11. Less Fame
  12. Shake Ya Stick
  13. All Good

Thugs Revenge (2006)Edit

Bizzy Bone - Thugs Revenge

Thugs Revenge

  1. Thugs Revenge (featuring Mr. Capone-E and Mr. Criminal)
  2. Ridin In The Streets (featuring Layzie Bone and Mr. Criminal)
  3. Caught Up (featuring Bad Azz and Mr.Silent)
  4. When We Ride (featuring Mr. Criminal)
  5. Get Ya, Get Ya
  6. All My Life (featuring Mr. Capone-E and Mr. Criminal)
  7. Feel My Soul
  8. Gold Digger (skit)
  9. Jealousy Breeds Envy
  10. Light Up The Spliff
  11. Never Be Hesitant
  12. A Thugs Prayer
  13. What Are We Seeing
  14. Don't Be Fake
  15. For The Homies (featuring Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Silent and K.C.)
  16. Hi Power Mega Mixx 2006

The Story (2006)Edit

Bizzy Bone - The Story

The Story

  1. Truth
  2. All Day, All Night
  3. Play It Again
  4. When I See
  5. So What Cha' Sayin'
  6. Bizzy's Story
  7. It's Only Me
  8. They Don't Know
  9. Maybe You Can Hold Me
  10. The Future Thugs-N-Harmony
  11. My Vengeance
  12. One Time
  13. Represent

The Midwest Cowboy (2006)Edit

Bizzy Bone - The Midwest Cowboy

The Midwest Cowboy

  1. We Come Right Away
  2. Around The World
  3. It's The Light
  4. Lovey, Dovey
  5. The Music
  6. Thugs Need Love Too (featuring Playalitical)
  7. If The Sky Falls
  8. Wit A $20 Dolla Bill (featuring Young Droop)
  9. Lessons Of Life
  10. I Must Fess Up
  11. All We Can Be
  12. Doin' It Wrong (featuring Playalitical)
  13. Blown Away (featuring Spoke-In-Wordz)
  14. What Do We Say?
  15. Come, Go, See, Know

Evolution Of Elevation (2006)Edit

Bizzy Bone - Evolution Of Evelation

Evolution Of Evelation

  1. Intro
  2. You Don't Really Wanna Be Me (featuring Aeilion El Nino)
  3. Streets On Fire (featuring Aeilion El Nino and King Josiah)
  4. Bye Bye
  5. To The Top
  6. Know All About You
  7. Memories (featuring Aeilion El Nino)
  8. My Name Is Byron
  9. Evolution Of Elevation
  10. The Truth
  11. Bye Bye (Remix)
  12. Still Know All About You (featuring The Realest)
  13. Outro

Trials & Tribulations (2007)Edit

Bizzy Bone - Trials & Tribulations

Trials & Tribulations

  1. Ride To This
  2. Explain To Me
  3. Let The Haters Know (featuring Aeilion El Nino and King Josiah)
  4. You Don't Want It'
  5. The Block
  6. Don't Ask Me Why
  7. Lookin' The Same
  8. A Thugz Prayer
  9. Distant (featuring Aeilion El Nino)
  10. I Don't Think You Know (featuring Aeilion El Nino)
  11. Mr. Coke Man (featuring The Realest)
  12. Still Lookin' The Same (featuring The Realest)
  13. Don't Ask Me Why (Remix)
  14. Trust & Believe

Ruthless (2008)Edit

Bizzy Bone - Ruthless


  1. Intro (Layzie Dedication)
  2. That's How (featuring Pitbull)
  3. It's 1999
  4. Fuck Da World
  5. Gangsta
  6. Get Bizzy
  7. Hoodtails (featuring Rick Ross)
  8. Ready 4 War
  9. Get High
  10. Uptown Downtown
  11. 4 Da Ladies
  12. Rollercoaster (featuring Layzie Bone)

A Song For You (2008)Edit

Bizzy Bone - A Song For You

A Song For You

  1. Prelude (featuring DMX and Chris Notez)
  2. A Song For You (featuring DMX and Chris Notez)
  3. I'm The One (featuring Joel Madden)
  4. Muddy Waters (featuring L. Calloway)
  5. Money (featuring Twista)
  6. What Have I Learned
  7. Mercy Mary
  8. I Truly Believe (featuring Krys Ivory)
  9. Ballin' (featuring Jim Jones)
  10. I Need You (featuring Chris Notez)
  11. Hard Times (featuring Chris Notez)
  12. Memories
  13. Real Freestyle (featuring Chris Notez)
  14. Crossroads Outro

Back With The Thugz (2009)Edit

Bizzy Bone - Back With The Thugz

Back With The Thugz

  1. Bone Unity Report
  2. Back With The Thugz
  3. Shooting At Me (featuring Mr. Capone-E)
  4. Race Against Time (featuring Bad Azz)
  5. The Process
  6. I Wanna Sing
  7. Oh That Natural High
  8. That's Why Thugs Never Cry
  9. Let's Get High (featuring Snoop Dogg, Malow Mac and Miss Lady Pinks)
  10. Jockin' Bizzy
  11. Women Keep Watching Us
  12. End Of This World
  13. Is There Anything Left 2 Deal With
  14. Bone Thug Boyz (featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
  15. Ready For Anything (featuring Southern Kappin' Soldiers)
  16. Outro

Crossroads: 2010 (2010)Edit

Bizzy Bone - Crossroads- 2010

Crossroads: 2010

  1. The Soul
  2. Bottled Up Like Smoke (featuring Jonny Craig)
  3. Nintendo
  4. Cowboy (featuring Devin Oliver)
  5. Army On The Way
  6. Stonehenge
  7. Automatic Rewind (featuring Danny Worsnop)
  8. Gangsta Music
  9. American Soldier
  10. So Cool
  11. My Session
  12. How I Feel
  13. Last Call: Fallen


For The Fans Vol. 1 (2005)Edit

Bizzy Bone - For The Fans Vol. 1

For The Fans Vol. 1

  1. Priceless
  2. Have You Ever Been Lonely
  3. Babylon (featuring Baby Phil)
  4. A Letter
  5. Who Tha Thug
  6. Clockwise (featuring Lil' Vipa and Baby Phil)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Angels With Dirty Faces
  2. Battle Cry
  3. Bizzy's Lil' Speech ( Where He Is Talkin' Ta Tha Ecstasy Instrumental )
  4. Blaze A Stack
  5. Blow You Away
  6. Da Gathering
  7. Dear Layzie
  8. Doctor Doctor
  9. Doin What I Want To
  10. Everyday
  11. Fa Sho
  12. Give Up The Ghost
  13. Hollywood
  14. How We Play
  15. I Miss You
  16. In The Zone
  17. Lets Get It On
  18. Life Goes On
  19. Listen Remix
  20. Murda Me
  21. One Night Stand
  22. Personal Freak
  23. Philosophical Gangsta
  24. R.I.P. (Ft.Lil'Flip)
  25. Real
  26. Shelburne
  27. Sticky Icky
  28. Thug Luv 2
  29. Thugz Prayer
  30. U.F.Os
  31. Walkin In The Cold
  32. Warriors
  33. Way 2 Strong
  34. We Ain't Scared (Feat. Lil' Flip)
  35. We Run It
  36. Ya Style

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