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Album by Bizarre.
  1. Public Service Announcement
  2. Intro (featuring Young Miles)
  3. Gospel Weed Song
  4. Fuck Your Life (featuring Sindee Syringe)
  5. Fat Father
  6. Let The Record (featuring Young Miles)
  7. I'm In Luv Witchu
  8. Rockstar
  9. Ghetto Music (featuring King Gordy and
  10. Life Styles
  11. I'm So Cool
  12. Porno Bitches (featuring Devin the Dude, Big Boi and Kon Artis)
  13. Crush On You
  14. Bad Day
  15. I Need A Friend
  16. One Chance
  17. Hip Hop (featuring Eminem)
  18. Doctor Doctor (featuring Obie Trice and Dion)
  19. Coming Home (featuring Raphael Saadiq and Kuniva)
  20. Nuthin' At All (featuring D12)

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