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Road Block

This song is by Biz Markie and appears on the album I Need a Haircut (1991).

This song contains a sample from "Think (About It)" by Lyn Collins.
Yo Doc, drop the beat in!

This is a incident that always occur
with the opposite sex, other word is her
No matter what nationality color or creed
or wherever you at, there's always a bad seed
They're always talkin about wantin to be alone
You're spendin too much time witcha friends, all night long
I'm sayin yo what the heck, I am single
It's no reason why I shouldn't try to mingle
So I met this girl by the name of Maxine
Her breath didn't stink she used Listerine
She looked crazy a-ight, and the whole nine
But this situation was one of a kind
Because I wanted her.. all to my own
so I called her on, my Mickey Mouse telephone
I said, "Hello pretty momma it's the guy you just me
Uhh what are you doin tonight?" She said, "Nuttin," I said, "Bet"
So when I went to pick her up, I was in shock
cause she brought her friend along for a ROAD BLOCK