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Dinosaur Germs

This song is by Bis and appears on the album The New Transistor Heroes (1997) and on the album Play Some Real Songs: The Live Album (2001).

we got submissive society
we got a dinosaur monopoly
and all their germs infecting me
we got stars charisma free
we got a passive mentality
worship the safe, abhor the unique
and never stop to ask the questions

hi-fi! lo-fi! sci-fi's my fi!
and don't you know that you've got dinosaur germs!

we thought that dinosaurs were extinct
but now we know that yr the missing link
it hurts the head when it has to think
no more excuses, take the rest
but you forgot to take what is best
with all respect, this is not a test
and never stop to ask the questions

hi-fi! lo-fi.......

uh, over and out

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