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This song is by Bis and appears on the album Social Dancing (1999).

Do you wanna go my way (x2)
The future is clear
Let's get into gear
I'm willing to ask
Do you wanna go my way?
You're out on your own
You're never alone
There's people around
But do you want to go my way?
They threw me out of town, said I'm a hooligan
They never want to see my ugly face again
I'm looking for a ride, i need to get some place
I'm feeling disillusioned with the human race
Heat on the skyline, have you got the time?
I'll sit here by the road for yet another day
But whatever road you're taking, I will go that way
There's trouble in town
They wanna see you go down
Let's make our escape
Do you wanna go my way?
I'll give you what's mine
I'll throw you a line
Just make up your mind
Do you wanna go my way?
What do you want me to say?
Just give me a little trust
And answer me
Do you wanna go my way?
I don't know where I am, but it's a long way home
I haven't got a penny for the telephone
I don't know who my friends are, who my friends will be
But i feel like it's happening for you and me
You're my driver, I'm your passenger
The night is looking friendlier than any day
We're racing into it, and I will go that way
The future is bright
We'll just drive by night
If anyone asks
We're busy making our own way
We'll sleep in the shade
And watch what we've made
They'll never catch on
So do you wanna go my way?
What do you want me to say?
Just give me a little trust

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