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Automatic Freestyle

This song is by Bis.

bam! i got the automatic freestyle
a walking contradiction i walk for miles & miles
yes and now disco's in the house
what's it all about, what's it all about y'all?
good god! i got an itching in my feet
gotta dance, gotta dance to the disco beat
it's automatic, but it's so freestyle
i might dance like a robot but it's all mine

so why you dancing like that?
wearing your pork pie hat
i guess that now we know
why they call you disco

so why you dancing like that?
you'll be itching & scratching like you was a cat
and i say woo-hah! got you all in check
but like the wu-tang say, protect ya neck!
we be getting down with the disco crew
we start the dancing and we say fuck you
to all the people who treat us like toys
we be kicking it down like we're the beastie boys

kicking like you're bruce lee
with your partner ally
i guess that now we know
why they call you disco

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