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Transmissions on the Teen-C Tip! (1995)Edit

Bis - Transmissions on the Teen-C Tip!
Transmissions on the Teen-C Tip!
  1. Kill Yr Boyfriend
  2. Sci-Fi Superstar
  3. Improved Neu! Formula
  4. Public School Boy
  5. Caustic Sofa

Disco Nation 45 (1995)Edit

Bis - Disco Nation 45
Disco Nation 45
  1. School Disco
  2. Plastik People
  3. Conspiracy A Go-Go

The Secret Vampire Soundtrack (1995)Edit

Bis - The Secret Vampire Soundtrack
The Secret Vampire Soundtrack
  1. Kandy Pop
  2. Secret Vampires
  3. Teen-C Power
  4. Diska

Bis Vs. the D.I.Y. Corps (1996)Edit

Bis - Bis Vs. the D.I.Y. Corps
Bis Vs. the D.I.Y. Corps
  1. This Is Fake D.I.Y.
  2. Burn The Suit
  3. Dance To The Disco Beat

Atom-Powered Action! (1996)Edit

Bis - Atom-Powered Action!
Atom-Powered Action!
  1. Starbright Boy
  2. Wee Love
  3. Team Theme
  4. Cliquesuck

This Is Teen-C Power! (1996)Edit

Bis - This Is Teen-C Power!
This Is Teen-C Power!
  1. Kill Yr Boyfriend
  2. School Disco
  3. Kandy Pop
  4. This Is Fake D.I.Y.
  5. Burn The Suit
  6. Teen-C Power!

The New Transistor Heroes (1997)Edit

Bis - The New Transistor Heroes
The New Transistor Heroes
  1. Tell It To The Kids
  2. Sweet Shop Avengerz
  3. Starbright Boy
  4. Pop Star Kill
  5. Mr. Important
  6. Antiseptic Poetry
  7. Popyura
  8. Skinny Tie SenSurround
  9. Poster Parent
  10. Monstarr
  11. Everybody Thinks That They're Going To Get Theirs
  12. Rebel Soul
  13. Photoshop
  14. X-Defect
  15. Lie Detector Test
  16. Dinosaur Germs

Social Dancing (1999)Edit

Bis - Social Dancing
Social Dancing
  1. Making People Normal
  2. I'm A Slut
  3. Eurodisco
  4. Action And Drama
  5. Theme From Tokyo
  6. The Hit Girl
  7. Am I Loud Enough?
  8. Shopaholic
  9. Young Alien Types
  10. Detour
  11. Sale Or Return
  12. It's All New
  13. Listen Up

Play Some Real Songs: The Live Album (2001)Edit

Bis - Play Some Real Songs- The Live Album
Play Some Real Songs: The Live Album
  1. Tell It To The Kids
  2. Conspiracy A Go-Go
  3. Teen-C Power!
  4. This Is Fake D.I.Y.
  5. Plastik People
  6. Keroleen
  7. Everybody Thinks That They're Going To Get Theirs
  8. Monstarr
  9. Poster Parent
  10. Kill Yr Boyfriend
  11. Kandy Pop
  12. Starbright Boy
  13. Icky-Poo Air Raid
  14. Ninja Hi Skool
  15. School Disco
  16. Sweet Shop Avengerz
  17. Secret Vampires
  18. X-Defect
  19. Dinosaur Germs
  20. Public School Boy
  21. Play Some Real Songs

Return to Central (2001)Edit

Bis - Return to Central
Return to Central
  1. What You're Afraid Of
  2. Silver Spoon
  3. Black Pepper
  4. The End Starts Today
  5. Protection
  6. Two Million
  7. Chicago
  8. Metal Box
  9. We're Complicated
  10. Robotic
  11. A Portrait From Space

International Bonus Tracks

  1. Don't Let The Rain Come Down
  2. Make It Through
  3. Love Will Tear Us Apart

Music For a Stranger World (2001)Edit

Bis - Music for a Stranger World
Music for a Stranger World
  1. Dead Wrestlers
  2. Are You Ready?
  3. How Can We Be Strange
  4. I Want it All
  5. Beats at the Office
  6. Punk Rock Points

Data Panik Etcetera (2014)Edit

Bis - Data Panik Etcetera
Data Panik Etcetera
  1. Control The Radical
  2. Minimum Wage
  3. Rulers And The States
  4. Cubis (I Love You)
  5. Sense Not Sense
  6. Mechanical Love
  7. Too Much Not Enough
  8. Retail Of The Detail
  9. Music Lovers
  10. The Young Mothers
  11. Flesh Remover
  12. (That Love Ain't) Justified

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Automatic Freestyle
  2. Cinema Says
  3. Clockwork Punk
  4. Cookie Cutter Kid
  5. Dj
  6. End Starts Today
  7. Famous
  8. Fight The Power
  9. Girl Star
  10. Hit Girl
  11. I'll Get You Back
  12. Kid Cut
  13. Kiss And Tell
  14. Like Robots
  15. Not Even Close
  16. Portrait From Space
  17. Powerpuff Girls (Closing Theme)
  18. Rollerblade Zero
  19. Seventeen Hours
  20. Sound Of Sleet
  21. Statement Of Intent
  22. Sweetshop Avengerz
  23. The European
  24. Today Of All Days
  25. Why Are We Waiting?
  26. Why Don't We Go Home?

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