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​Who's Your God Part 1

This song is by Bionic Jive and appears on the album Armageddon Through Your Speaker (2001).

It's automatic
I rain caskets of dead poets,
My mother gave the permission for the syrum of lyricism,
Dr. Kavorkian overdosed it.

Now I rain death traps P.O.W. camps, torture cambers,
My insane slang divides continents, and turn rabbis to gangbangers.
I'm Ako Mack the world killer.
In my past life I was Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, then Son of Sam the New York .44 caliber killer.

I come from desolation, full of abomination's,
Where gods stay at war for territory.
Incest multiplies my population.
My blood turns to venom, and bleed poisonous centipedes,
So tell my enemies I hold the antidote in a state of cryogenic freeze.

I'm cold, south poled, frigid, subzero.
I'll step off the cyclone,
Spin off the planet, and laugh at your globe.
Who's your god?