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Armageddon Through Your Speaker (2001)Edit

Bionic Jive - Armageddon Through Your Speaker
Armageddon Through Your Speaker
  1. Who's Your God Part 1
  2. Shut 'Em Down
  3. Pump
  4. I Shot Lucifer
  5. Hands To The Roof
  6. Swarm
  7. Break The Chains
  8. Freaks
  9. Rock On
  10. Ricochet
  11. Get It Hot (Skit)
  12. Kerosene
  13. Walking With Shadows
  14. Goodbye
  15. Who's Your God Part 2

Passion Over Politics (2008)Edit

Bionic Jive - Passion Over Politics
Passion Over Politics
  1. Conspiracy Theory (Skit)
  2. Conspiracy Theory
  3. Get Your Bars Up
  4. Murder Music
  5. Increase The Dosage (Skit)
  6. Increase The Dosage
  7. Free My Soul
  8. Look At This House
  9. We Go Hard (Skit)
  10. We Go Hard
  11. Ready To Ride (Skit)
  12. Ready To Ride
  13. Realestate
  14. Today Is The Day
  15. Die

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