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Let's All Meet At My House

This song is by Bing Crosby and appears on the album Great Years (1993).

What is wrong with everybody lately
What the deuce has happened to the gang
No-one chews the rag, no-one pulls a gag
Say do I have to whip the whole shebang
Times are not as bad as what you read
and your's truly knows just what you need
Let's all meet at my house
Just make yourselves at home
I'll drag out my banjo
If someone will play the comb
And we'll sing all the old songs
incase someone feels blue
Let's all meet at my house
Let my house be your house too

I'll take you to his house, if you'll be my sweetheart
On no solo this is good neighbour work
But darling I'm ready whenever you care to start
That's right take the big red bus
If they play post office, remember I'm with you
Here here now Woodward, break it up
So let's go to his house, it seems like the thing to do
Come on

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