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Poky (Fo Rizzle)

This song is by Binärpilot and appears on the album B-Sides (2011).

The name's MC Cheese I'm gonna tell it like it iz
Poky is the man fo' bringing da beats
He can show you lo-fi from the Switzerland streets
Pimpin' Octamed rhythms with his 8-bit peepz
All mah trackerz juz keep noddin' to diz microstyle
Punkrockaz, hip-hoppaz, you're all in denial
This is underground shiz from the cream of the crop
We're rockin' old school while the kidz do the bop, s'come on

Both people in the house put your hands in the air
Wave 'em around 'cause there's no one here
Bacalao and Pilot with Ladybug in the zone
MC Cheese on the mic and you know it's on

Yo, it looks like we might have done it again
I can hear people shouting for this travesty to end
See writing phat rhymes is not a choice
It's an art fo black people n'the Beastie Boys

But when cool kids are telling me my shit is whack
I up the volume on my headset and smile right back
'Cause here's the point that I'm tryina get through to you
People might not like it but keep doing what you do
It's not what you've done you'll regret the most when you die
It's what you've could've, would've, should've, but didn't try
Juz have some fun while you can 'cause that's all there is to it
If someone gives you flak say "MC Cheese made me do it"

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