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Cyborg T-Rex

This song is by Binärpilot and appears on the album B-Sides (2011) and on the album B-Sides (2011).

Eating people, stomping babies
Rockets of awesome, lasers of doom (Cyborg T-Rex!)
Facepalmed girl you do not know
The pain you will receive forces you to perceive
That you should not mock the cyborg
*Chomp chomp chomp*

I'm cyborg t-rex I get all the chicks
I can do hard hitting kicks my legs are strong like bricks
And even though I stomp all of their babies
Ladies still wanna drive my mercedes foaming like they had rabies

You should know not fuck with me
Evolutionary process ain't got nothing on me, b
I'm still alive straight up crumpin the beat
Prehistoric hustla from jurassic street

I'll point lasers all up in yo grill
Punk bitch recognize I keep it drill
So stop draining all my peeps for oil
Shits bad enough to make my cold blood boil (boilin!)

MC cheese back to let you know
Cyborg t-rex hardcore hustla fo sho
Keep you head low don't get caught in his stride
Watch where you go he'll put steel teeth in your side

Making mommas cry since 2009
Bastard child of the science of crime
A robot dinosaur mighty strong with the rhyme
The sight alone will most likely blow your mind

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