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This song is by Bilocate and appears on the album Summoning The Bygones (2012).

Days of joyous pain are passing
Alone I drowned in my existence
She's trying to understand ...our life
She looks deep inside... where lost souls hide

It was never as dark
And I can see further... when I close my eyes
Far beyond the oceans of time
And am dying with shame

That hollow love I'll give for you
I'll stay with you for a while... then I'll go in my way
You'll reach under my skin and hide from your fears
Alone in the dark awaiting the sunrise to end our journey

And many moons of sorrow are passing
Fixation upon this everlasting nation
Towards this dark side of living
Days of joy ended

This time I'm searching for my Life
These days will come... to remember
Upon the forever land
Days of joy

Days of joyous pain are passing
Far beyond my eternal sleep