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Beyond Inner Sleep

This song is by Bilocate and appears on the album Summoning The Bygones (2012).

It won't be the same for those who have seen
Endless lies and truth in between
Words are burning down and deep
We're left with sympathy, so true indeed.

Their sleepless eyes and plagued dead souls
With thoughts born in heaven and those rose from hell
As hard as it seems, darkness has never been

Painful and deep, shameful and real!

In his world the power lays deep... fragile drained and broken
His wish will never be served... crying the tears of the dead
Ashamed there lies his pride, wounded with cruelty

Darkness awaits, death shall take him high... just felt his blood
Lord will leave him to suffer; his soul was taken away... On his
Knees he lies.

Let no man deny the truth, we knew he lived in shame
The end is closed on him, eternal Darkness he sees
Seeking the light in blackness, his eyes are nearly closed
And the pride he had in him... lost in the dark forever
He took his last breath as his soul is fading away.
Looked back on his life, it was only me

We all shall bleed!
In our sleep, we lay down and see
The pain crossed our times...
And the suffering begins.
We all shall bleed!
In our sleep, we lay down and grief
The moons we've lost...
And the misery continues.

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