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A Desire To Leave I: Obscurity

This song is by Bilocate and appears on the album Summoning The Bygones (2012).

I wish I could escape this insanity
And with an everlasting light live through eternity

But I know the sun will leave the earth. Swallowed by
Darkness and no rebirth
Despite the weakness I survive, I just hope I could stop being

"He knew this day would pass
And the night will fall bringing
All the darkness into his mind
And as the suffering begins
He enters his nightmares
And wonders if he could ever leave"

Why should I endure this cruelty?
And this cursed darkness of monstrosity
In your hatred my dreams are all buried
And the taste of death revives in slavery
The breath inside my chest screams for purity
And now the flesh is left in obscurity
Alone crying with a shameful poverty...