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I Told the Brook

This song is by Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs.

I told the brook
That runs down through the valley
A secret my best friend never knew
And the trees told the breeze
The brook told the trees
That I was in love with you
The breeze told the clouds
So angry and blue Hiding there by a hill top
The clouds told the moon
When they found outhad another love
That shone above
That you and and your godand changed to a rivera soft summer breeze rushing so madly alongthe brook became angrythat played tag with the treesbecame so wild and so stronghiding there by a hill topthe bashful white clouds dark and the rain came falling downthere hearts couldn't hideand he tossed them upon the groundall the tears that were cried
There's sunshine again
The storm passed on over
The change that held Me are now gone
The trees wave hello
As I stand here belowand the brook sings the sweetest songare once again by the hilltopthe bashful white clouds are still my friendsthe sun and the moon I promise there will be no more heartaches for metill I fall in love again

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